I’m not really that kind of driver, am I?

[Me, driving normally]

[Me, pulling ahead of someone and tucking myself neatly into their lane]

[Meghan, with genuine respect]: Nicely done!

[Beta child, from back seat]: When I have to get somewhere quickly, I drive like dad does normally.

D&D What GIF by Hyper RPG

I’m the best mom (because my kids make it easy)

I parked towards the top of the driveway (I was suppposed to go out for lunch, but that didn’t happen), so Dad’s car wouldn’t fit. I’m sitting here on the couch, next to Alpha, and realize …

So I gave Alpha my car keys and said, “Hey, wanna move my car for me?”

She only freaked out for 10 seconds and then she was out the door with my keys. I told her to tell Dad to help her out.

She did it. She moved my car (20 feet down the driveway). Kid is flying high on success right now. I am SO proud of her!

ps – Go. Me.