Rejected Children’s Books

Top Titles

  • Huffing With Santa
  • Faggoty Ass and Andy
  • The South Will Rise Again, and Other Fairy Tales
  • Big Gay Al’s Big Gay Toy Barn
  • Mr. Fork and Mrs. Electrical Socket
  • Bi-curious George
  • Gomer’s Piles
  • Richard Scarry’s What Do People Do All Night?
  • Where the Hell Is Carmen Sandiego
  • Groping For Dummies
  • Maxine Paddz and the “Special Occasion”
  • Nathan and the Naughty Freckle
  • Shaking the Forbidden Maraca: A Babysitters Club Adventure
  • Little Bunny Foo Foo Goes Hopping Across a Highway
  • The Big Little Book of Animal Scat

Special Categories

Top Titles from 2020

  • Donald Trump’s Guide to Caring For Your Teenage Daughter

Honorable Mentions

How to Impress Girls With Power Farting