Third storm of the last two weeks

View down the street. Its really coming down
Our backyard. The plays cape is not doing well….
Artsy-fartsy picture of my mittens. They kept me warm while shoveling.
I didn’t bother with my hat. Whoops.
Drying my mittens.
View before the second shoveling. Probably 8 inches deep in the shoveled sections – over a foot overall.


So, Storm # 3 (named Skylar) hit today. As of 9 PM tonight, we had at least 20″ – taller than the dog. We had to dig her a path so she could go out to pee, poor thing. But she had a grand time playing with in the snow. For a dog with no fur, she loves snow.

I went out to shovel twice – once around 9 am, and again at 3. Both times took about an hour, and both times were reminders that we should have waxed the shovel in the fall. Car wax does a great job.

The bottom layer was all slush, and really heavy (apparently there was some rain at the beginning). The top layers were light and fluffy, thankfully. I did most of the driveway the second round, but I just couldn’t deal with the slush by the street. I just cleaned up the rest and left it for Quinn. Because I’m terrible.

The kids spent the day inside, reading and playing Minecraft. We kicked off a huge fire in the fireplace to warm up, and we spent some time cuddled up in front of it.

Around 4, we went to our neighbor’s house for frozen pizza and games. We roused Alpha out of her room, and got her to come along. She had fun, once she got there. We played Upwords (for the first time). Beta did better than I did, which is always fun. Sam-across-the-street kicked our butts, though.

Overall, a pretty good snow day!

The snow is deeper than Butter is tall. We had to dig her a path to her “potty.” At least 20 inches.

Hiking @ Goldsmith

We found a new place for a nature walk: Goldsmith Woodlands in Andover.  We covered about half of the trails in a two-hour walk.

The town provides a rough map.

Just a random bush. I think they’re rhododendrons?
All three kids, two human and one dog, heading down the trail
Looking down the trail. Most of the trails are about as well-groomed as this.
bessie's point
Looking out from the end of the trail at Bessie’s Point (click to expand)


My new camera lens

Yesterday was spent at the Boston Museum of Science with the Mystic Joneses. Today, we took Beta back for the thing she loves most: The Butterfly Garden. (We couldn’t go yesterday because it was sold out. Pro-tip, avoid the MOS on Federal Holidays at all costs.)

For my birthday I got something I’ve been wanting for a while: a set of lenses for my phone. I went a little nuts with the macro lens. I can’t even say I’m sorry about it.

These butterflies fake being owls. Very successfully.
These butterflies fake being owls. Very successfully. There is a husband in the background for scale.
you cannot see me
This guy was just hanging out, playing the You-Can’t-See-Me game. Poorly.

Most of these were taken from just a couple of inches away. The butterflies and moths in this exhibit are so relaxed around people, its is amazing.

pretty white
Caught this butterfly mid-flutter. Very lucky shot.

I played with my settings, and found out that trying to use the macro lens on butterflies on swaying branches was a guaranteed failure.

The details I managed to get were astounding, though.

curled tongue
You can even see his little curled-up tongue!

Some pictures came out with some real drama. You can almost see his scales!

yummy flower
This guy was hanging out and sipping from the flowers.

I am really pleased with these little lenses.

battle hardened
This little guy has been pretty beaten up. I’m guessing he’s a couple days old.

And of course, I had to do a gratuitous, super-close-up of a flower. For Reasons.

pink flower

Pics From The Car Show

We had a little sight-seeing tour of a car show happening a hop-skip-and-a-jump from our house.

volkswagen dune buggy
My one-time dream car: a late-’60s VW dune buggy
Model A
A Ford Model A with real leather trunk and a rumble seat
Bo's green machine
My regular mechanic has several show cars, including this one: a very rare ’93 Saab 900 configured for rally racing
yellow mustang convertible
An early-model Mustang convertible. My mother had a 1964-1/2 yellow Mustang convertible (the very first production year!) so I snapped a pic to show her. Alpha child, her veritable twin, is posing in front.

Not shown: about a hundred more cars, and a bunch of motorcycles.