I Mustache You a Question

Sergeant Rasmus Madsen Løvik
Sergeant Rasmus Madsen Løvik, police constable in Bergen, Norway 1843

She’s the boss

At least most of the time. You’ll notice the bed (its posturepedic), the two blankets, and how they are artfully arranged.

This is the only way she’ll sleep if we’re home.

Dog cuddled on a dogbed, covered by two blankets, with her tongue sticking out.
She’s derping, too.

A story in four pictures

Yellow and white pitt bull waiting outside a bathroom door.
Yellow and white pitt bull still waiting outside a bathroom door very patiently.
Still waiting
Yellow and white pitt bull hears something in the bathroom.
Heard something!
Yellow and white pitt bull hears the sink running and gets very excited!
Sink’s running!
Dog is gone, and a man is leaving the bathroom.
Woohoo! We can go for a walk now!

Favorite New Word of the Day


The feeling of sickness or indisposition resulting from excess in eating or drinking


Welcome to New England

5.5 inches so far.

5.5 inches of snow so far. It started snowing around 8. That’s about 2 inches an hour. It will all be gone in the morning – it’s going to rain.

Stage Fright

Giving presentations at work has made me realize something.

I don’t actually have stage fright.

I’m simply afraid of not knowing what the fuck I’m talking about in front of other people.  It happens more often than I care to admit.

I’m perfectly able to get up and talk IF I know the subject, have some idea of what I’m going to say, and have something (anything!) to refer back to in order to help keep me on point.  Like a PowerPoint presentation, or an index card.

All these years I thought it was stage fright that gave me the dry mouth and jitters.  Now I realize that I rarely know anything about anything, and have less to say about anything, and that’s what made me nervous.  Who knew.  (Obviously not me, hardy har.)


In which my new hat is almost patriotic (just not sure for which country)

My knitting mojo is back! I guess the job was making me more nuts than I realized. So glad I found a new one!

I cast on Scopes again. I love the pattern, it is super easy, and it looks amazing. I wanted to use up stash yarn (I’m not quite SABLE, but it’s getting close). Found yarn that refused to be a Christmas stocking, and cast on.

Looking at my color choices later, with the big, bold stripes, I realized something.

“I think I’m making a flag hat by accident.”

Quinn, who is sitting next to me surfing Reddit, looks at the hat, and starts googling for flags with white, red and green.

Depending on where you are in the pattern, a case can be made for the flag of either Hungary or Bulgaria. I still love it. I’m just going to call it the Hungary Bulgarian hat on the project page. 😁

The soon-to-be Hungary Bulgarian hat.


Hi Astronauts!

So, I do this thing. I go outside at night to spot satellites.

Tonight, I went out with my tea and a plan to spot at least one satellite, despite a wicked bright moon, before bed.

I spotted one right off. It was really bright, the brightest I’ve seen. And it was moving really fast, too fast to be a plane. I yelled for Quinn and told him the International Space Station was passing by.

We waved at the astronauts, I spotted another three satellites (one flared twice!), and we called it a night after the kids yelled at us.

If you want to see the ISS, check here. Spot the station will give you times it will pass overhead!


In which Quinn is thwarted

Me: When this cup is completely empty, I will get ready for the day.

Quinn: Really?

Quinn: <casually gets up, stretches, starts walking towards me>

Me: <grabs the cup>

Him: <stares at me>

Me: <takes a little sip>


Him: WHAT?

Me: I can’t tell if you are going to take my cup and dump it out or not.

Him: <laughing>DAMMIT!

My almost empty coffee cup


Butter isn’t sure what she did

But she is very sorry. (She didn’t actually do anything.)