Silver Lake Memoirs

History: Ice cutting at Silver Lake more than 100 years ago

My favorite quote:

The secret incentive of [the Silver Lake Fire Depart­ment] was to be found in the water tub of that wagon. Prohibition by this time was the law of the land.

Before the volunteers started from the shed at Pop Neilson’s, a keg of beer was put into the tub of the wagon. By the time they returned to Pop’s, that beer, immersed in the cold waters of Silver Lake, was just right for a refreshing drink.


The northeast region of the US has been in a (relative) deep freeze for weeks.  Last night we bottomed out at -12° F.

Pictured is our oldest child trudging across the desolate, Hoth-like expanse that is (was?) Silver Lake.  Most of the snow has blown off, leaving a crusty powder that almost, but doesn’t quite, support you.

Not pictured: the tauntaun that I split open to keep the children warm overnight.