The Last Ringbearer

I was reminded over the weekend about The Last Ringbearer while talking with my buddy Sam, who likes The Lord Of the Rings but had never heard of TLR.

The tl;dr version is it’s LOTR as told by the losing side.  I enjoyed LTR more than LOTR because it provides more context to the events – the political manoeuvring and intrigue, about-faces, and a far more rational  explanation for why the battles portrayed in LOTR are so important.

The original is in Russian, but the English translation is “non-commerical” (the translator’s words) and is free.  It can be found at where the translator provides backstory for why TLR exists and why the translation is free.

Percy Jackson And The Drunken Bacchanal

I have a new drinking game for listening to Percy Jackson.  We’ve been listening to the book series (as read by Jessie Bernstein) when we take car trips together.
I now cringe every time I hear some combination of ‘my’, ‘dear’, and ‘boy’, or hear a totally inappropriate (non-serious) verbal response to an emotional situation.  Sometimes the enunciation of some words is downright pedantic and rather awkward.
If I weren’t driving I would take shots to make it more tolerable (and certainly get plastered in the process).

So, there’s this book

Its called 1632. I just e-mailed the publisher (BAEN) to see if there are any plans to record it as an audiobook. A very nice person from their info-desk got back to me within hours. Its been done. Its on Audible. It is narrated by one of my favorite readers, George Guidell.

I may have squeeled like a little girl. Oh, yes.

So, tonight, I will be working on my green alpaca mittens, while listening to Mike, Rebecca, Harry, and especially Gretchen turn the 30 Years War on its ear. Next month, I’m getting 1633. After that, I really, really hope they do the Galileo Affair!