Sherlock S4E1One of my favorite TV series is Sherlock, the modern update to Arthur Conan Doyle’s famous character.  There are three 90+ minute episodes per season, and the seasons are spaced two years apart.

The latest season has been much anticipated by fans, so much so that the first episode, titled The Abominable Bride, warranted a limited cinematic co-release with the premier on television.

Meghan, bless her heart, found out about this release and that one of the lucky cinemas to have some showings is near us.  My Christmas present was a pair of tickets.  Naturally, one was actually for her.  (Though she had the good taste to not point that out.)

Date Night!

Meghan’s mom came up to babysit the girls.  Since we were going to be out late, she planned to stay overnight.  (That plan changed at the last minute: she developed conjunctivitis the same day, and still came up, but elected to drive herself home when we got home — at 10 pm.)

Meghan and I drove into the city a bit early to have a nice dinner.  Not knowing the city all that well, we parked the car around the corner from the cinema and followed our noses.

Meghan at Papagayo
Meghan at Papagayo

We stumbled upon a hole in the wall called Papagayo.  Unlike the nearby restaurants with flashy signs and prices to match, our meal was very tasty and surprisingly inexpensive.

After dinner we had time to kill so we took in some local flavor.  Within a couple of city blocks we had encountered two universities, a handful of theaters, Macy’s, Chinatown, and a strip club.

Alas, it was time for the movie so we shuffled back to the cinema and headed up.  You can already find the episode on television so I’ll not bore with details; I will say that it was good.  My favorite scene was when Sherlock came to (the first time).