A Cinderella Story

Young Cinderella was getting ready for her best friend’s wedding.  Snow White was getting married to her prince, and asked Cinderella to be her maid of honor.

As Cinderella was readying herself for the big event, her Fairy Godmother appeared.  She read all of the tabloids and knew everything about the best man, Prince Charming.

“Cinderella, darling, I have something for you.  It’s a magic IUD to help with any, uh, delicate conditions.

“But you have to promise me that you’ll be back by midnight, for it will turn into a pumpkin.”

So off Cinderella goes to her best friend’s wedding, safe with the gifts and blessings from her fairy godmother.

But then midnight comes and goes without sign of Cinderella.

Just after dawn a very disheveled, but very happy, Cinderella comes wandering up the lane.

“What happened to you?!” demanded her fairy godmother.  “You were supposed to be back hours ago!  What happened to your IUD?”

“It’s fine, it’s taken care of.”

“Prince Charming doesn’t have that kind of power!”

“Oh, it wasn’t him,” Cinderella said, with stars in her eyes. “It was Peter, Peter, something or other.”