Lies, and the lying liars that tell them

There are strangers in your life that you should never lie to:

Your doctor or therapist because they won’t judge you, want to make you healthier, and can only make the best treatment plan with your full cooperation.

Your lawyer because they won’t judge you and can only provide the best legal advice when they know all the facts.

Your dentist and oral hygienist because, regardless of your lies, as soon as you open your filthy mouth they know whether you’ve flossed or not.


i have flossed very regularly since my previous dental cleaning six months ago – at least twice a week, every week.  I have never flossed regularly before.  I always brush, but I never really flossed because I was lazy.

I had another cleaning today, and for the first time ever my teeth don’t feel funny.

I rate this experience 9/10, will floss again.