Uncle Peter’s 80th Birthday

Listen Up!Not many words this time, just a photo montage.

My uncle Peter is turning 80, so of course there was a bash thrown in his honour.  We came down from Massachusetts but our trip was minuscule compared to my uncle Curt and aunt Vera, who drove (drove!) all the way from California.  They’re making a road trip of it, though, and taking their time getting back 🙂

In addition to Curt and Vera, the entire Eastern Jones Clan represented – nineteen people in all.  We don’t do this enough, and as Kennon said, “This is the first time we’ve eaten someplace that doesn’t have napkin dispensers on the tables in like five years.”

Happy birthday, Uncle Peter!  I’m sorry that I didn’t include twenty bucks with your birthday card — you know, returning the favor.

Tuck, Peter, Curtis
Three brothers: Tuck, Peter, and Curtis
Curtis and his lobster dinner
Curtis was so impressed with his lobster that he wanted it photographed for posterity
Meghan and Mu
Meghan playing a game with the youngest eastern Jones. I’m still not sure what he said or did but she was shocked, shocked I tell you!
Karen, Peter, and Brian
The birthday man and his kids
Jones Clan
Everybody. Photo credit goes to the nice server at the restaurant who took at least a half dozen photos (each time with a different camera in case the internet dies tonight) because none of us can keep our shit together.

Our excellent dinner was at the Harbor House (Google Maps).

Birthday Party, Part Deux (this time, with lasers)

Alpha’s choice of birthday party was laser tag at MVP.  (Last year we celebrated her birthday with mini-golf at the same place.)  So with a small group of her friends and a couple of adults, we tromped in and had a great time!

I rocked the scores.  Admittedly, there were more kids than adults (myself, Sam, and another adult not attached to our party) and a bunch of kids (again, not all attached to our party) but I really did wipe the other team out twice – two for two. Sam was a not-too-close second.)

I think we need to assemble some more adults and have another laser tag party there some time.  It’s like paintball without the bruises.

Afterwards: pizza and cake and video games, of course. Gifts were exchanged, some of which Alpha was really excited to see.

Alpha is currently off for a sleepover at Rho’s house.  (Like other greek letter-named people in this blog, that is not her real name – though I could imagine someone naming their child Rho so I feel like I should note that occasionally).  After all the trouble Alpha had in adjusting to the move, I never thought that we would be exchanging kids with another family so regularly as we have with Alpha and Rho.

Just an aside: I was chatting with Rho’s mother during the party, and it turns out that Alpha and Rho were rating boys at the last sleepover.  <sigh>