North End travels

Beta is more intrepid than her older sister, so the two of us go on adventures when Megh is busy and Alpha just wants to stay home.  On Sunday afternoon we headed into Boston’s North End to explore.

I actually found legal, on-street parking (oh joy!) and only had to reverse down a one-way street to get it.

We ate gelato at the Gelateria, around the block from where we parked.  I had chocolate (very chocolate, very smooth) and Beta had mint chocolate chip.


The trip was cut short because she decided that she wanted to home home — it was late, she was tired (it was her idea to come, I wasn’t dragging her anywhere).  I have to admit her timing was pretty good, though.  So we grabbed a few cannoli for after dinner before we headed out the door, two chocolate chip and one nutella.  I’m not a fan but Megh said they were delicious.

Author: H Walker Jones, Esq

A professional programmer with a sordid past involving sysadmin, tech support, and cooking.

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