Husk’s Day At Work

The school year is almost over, and Beta thought she might be able to bring her old stuffed husky, imaginatively named Husk, into school.  (This is a very old stuffed friend).

We said, “you may not.”  Beta still thought she could get away with some shenanigans by sneaking Husk to school.  Alas, she didn’t even make it as far as the bus stop out front of our house.

To ensure that he could not lead Beta into bad behavior, we determined that Husk would need to come to work with me.  It was quite an adventure, and luckily I brought a camera with me to document it!

Husk enjoyed the car ride into work.  He even got up on the dash! Husk sitting on my car's dash

Here we are climbing the stairs.  It’s a long climb – three floors – but we got to the top in good time.  I take the stairs every day and Husk — well, huskies are known for their endurance.  The elevator is for sissies.

Husk climbs the stairs

Husk was so excited he tried to open the door for me before I could unlock it.  The red light next to the door means I haven’t swiped my key-card yet.

Husk opens the door

We got right down to work.  Husk typed up emails while I chatted with a co-worker about a problem we’re working on together.

Husk typing on the keyboard

He also took some phone calls.  Husk is very friendly on the phone!

Husk chatting on the phone

When I had to go to a meeting, Husk asked if he could come.  “Well, sure you can!” I said.  “I bet you can help us work through some of these tough problems.”  Everyone was glad that Husk came.

Husk attends a business meeting

We work hard and play harder.  Husk decided to try some of the games in our common room.  We have all kinds of video games.

Husk playing video games

We also have ping pong.

Husk playing ping-pong

Husk made some new friends.  These guys live in the office.  Husk thought that was a little weird, at first, but they were friendly folk and Husk took a liking to them right away.

Husk makes new friends - Ally the gator, and Squirrel

We also have a resident penguin.  It got to go out for a Mardi Gras party because it’s so well dressed.  I guess the best-dressed people get beads at Mardi Gras?

Husk makes a new friends, a penguin

Even after an exciting day like this, Husk started to miss home.  The skies that started out so beautiful turned dark – rain was coming.  He worried that we might be caught in a storm.  The building in the distance is being demolished, and I think Husk worried that they were coming for us next.

Husk gazes out the window, ready for home

Not to worry!  Traffic was light and the rain held off.  We made it home, safe and sound and into the arms of a very happy little girl.

Husk is happy to be home

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