imageBeta decided she wanted to try lacrosse. So, with help from Mom, we got her signed up for the kids’ league here in town. She was super excited (counting the hours for three days).

We got there nice and early, so she could get her helmet fitted (they provide the helmets for this age-group). Most kids had their pads and everything, but they weren’t required for this get-together. We’re going to have to get set for her, though.

You see, there is a difference between girl and boy lacrosse (if you mated the two together, you would get another game altogether). So, Beta needs pads, and guards. And does anyone elbronse feel bad for the other kids on this team? She can scoop the ball, throw the ball (over anyone’s heads), and put the stick in the right general vicinity to catch the ball. Which is a huge improvement over how she did before the practice. She was so frustrated she hid in a corner.

In the end – she loved loved loved lacrosse. And the coaches were awesome. I was quite happy.

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