It’s the Little Things

Small things make me happy.

I run a local Active Directory domain on my home network with a Samba back-end.¹ Over the past few weeks I’ve been building out a second domain controller, but I didn’t have 100% replication – it replicated AD and DNS, but not DHCP.²

After a short outage yesterday (due to an update) I decided that this had to change.  So I:

  • followed the instructions,
  • realized that the instructions were out of date,
  • figured out the correct procedure,
  • completed my setup, and
  • submitted a revision to the wiki.

It’s a small step, but I’m such a nerd that I’m riding high – one, because I’ve scratched an itch and have redundancy in my domain; and two, that I’ve visibly contributed something useful to open source (small as it may be).

¹ For along time it was powered by a single Raspberry Pi, but keeping that up to date became a struggle because it’s a little too low-powered.  But that’s all another story.

² This isn’t a completely useless situation.  It’s much easier to recover from a domain-controller crash if you still have a standing domain controller.  (A solo-domain-controller recovery is much more complicated recovery.)

Author: H Walker Jones, Esq

A professional programmer with a sordid past involving sysadmin, tech support, and cooking.

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