Wentworth-by-the-Sea 2017

Meghan’s employer invites all employees and their families to an annual three-day retreat at a fancy spa and hotel called Wentworth-by-the-Sea.  This is our second year.

Last year we mostly stayed n the hotel due to a snow storm, but this year we ventured out a bit to take in some local color.  We found a state park called Fort Constitution (also known as Fort William and Mary), which is situated inside the grounds of a Coast Guard station.

Fort Constitution
Fort Constitution, as seen from the water (or closest I could get it from the little tip of rock that extends out)

I don’t normally pay much attention to geology but the bit of rock that juts out into the water is very eye-catching.

striations in sedimentary rock
I was drawn to the striations in the rock. This is a great example of sedimentary rock with lots of iron in it.
striations in sedimentary rock
A different section, with a shoe for scale. The layer inclusion on the right (might no be the technical term) is what caught my eye

We also drove around a bit; the town is reminiscent of Mystic, CT.