Cape 2014 – Day 6

We started the day with swimming at Harding Beach. The water was decently warm today, the sun was bright, and the seaweed wasn’t overwhelming. Megh and I declined to repeat past mistakes and left after an hour. Tim and Kelly stayed a little longer.

After lunch, while Delta napped, Megh, Kelly, Beta, and I went back to Chatham to shop. Beta and I investigated the toy shops (again) and a book store; I’m not allowed to know everywhere Megh and Kelly went. We hit Buffy’s Ice Cream Shop on our way out.

Alpha child had started feeling poorly during the day – sore throat, swollen tonsils, slight fever. Megh took her to a clinic to rule out strep throat and everyone else headed to Nauset Beach.

The beach is notable for its fine sand and strong surf. We had a great time body surfing.

There was a seal that continually cruised the surf a few yards further offshore than the body surfers dared to go. No pictures, we were too busy playing in the surf to grab a camera. No sharks, either.

We turned a bunch of disparate leftovers into a fine feast for dinner. While eating on the deck a bunny paid us a visit.

After the kids went to bed we enjoyed Star Wars Episode II, MST3K style.

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