Cape 2014, Day 2

The bad weather trailed away by lunch time. The clouds remained but we went to Hardings Beach (which is on the ocean side). The water was freezing but the girls swam anyway. They both had new flippers to try out, you see.
Michelle and John went home around 4 pm. We all hung out on the beach until then, after attempting to swim with the kids (with varying success).
Afterwards the five of us (me, Megh, Alpha, Beta, and Joan) went home to make supper, followed by an obligatory trip to Sundae School and a quick jaunt towards Dennisport to a) look for the kite shop we had thought was in downtown Chatham (nope, Harwich), b) see if Wee Packet is still open so we can plan a breakfast trip (it is), and c) check out the house we used to stay in.

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