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Mobile Trash Incinerator

Charred utility pole, and ash on the pavement
The utility pole was totally charred – a giant stick of charcoal

First, I have to get this out: it wasn’t because of us.  I swear.

The garbage truck caught fire a few house down from us.  Not like a little fire in the back from someone tossing fireplace ashes in their bin — oh no.  It was the recycling truck itself.  The cab was engulfed in flames.

Megh took some photos of the event while it was happening.  The driver got out safely, and nobody else was hurt, but the truck was a total loss.

One house has melted siding.  The house across the street lost power as the flames burned through the power lines.  And I foresee a new utility pole in our near future as the existing pole is charred to a cinder.

Our cans are still sitting on the curb waiting to be picked up.  Hopefully it gets taken tomorrow but I’m sure this event puts the carting company in a tough position with trucks, so who knows.

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