We have a working drier! And it even dries the clothes!

I have a working drier! After having a pipe fitter come in and unhook the gas drier, and getting the permit to put in a new electrical circuit, and running said circuit over to where the drier needed to be, we HAVE a WORKING drier! And it dries the clothes!

This is huge because the gas drier the house came with didn’t dry. At all. Apparently this is not unusual for gas driers. It finally died, and we had to move it. So after five months of sucky horrible driers that sounded like a dying cat, we have dry clothes from somewhere other than the laundromat.

Thank you, My Darling Husband, for all the hard work you put into making this happen. You are awesome.

One thought on “We have a working drier! And it even dries the clothes!”

  1. I love dryers far more than clotheslines. I grew up with a clothesline, which makes me able to list everything that goes wrong with it… I will spare you that list. đŸ˜€

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