Yet Another Eclipse Pic

Moon, partially occluded by eclipse
This was a “super moon” (full moon at perigee) eclipse. I took this about 45 minutes after the start, and the moon was mostly occluded. Notice the detail of the shadowed area; this was taken with a cell phone so this much detail is surprising.

A total lunar eclipse isn’t that rare, but one with perfectly clear skies is.  We let the kids stay up until 10:30 (on a school night, no less!) to watch the moon get swallowed.

Star gazing is so much more stylish in a convertible so we drove down to the lake and bundled up under blankets with the top down.

Cold night, was about 50° F when we drove home.

Author: H Walker Jones, Esq

A professional programmer with a sordid past involving sysadmin, tech support, and cooking.

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