Memorial Day

Kids love parades.  My kids love parades so much they could think of nothing better than to march in a parade, and the opportunity presented itself when their karate dojo announced that it was going to be in the Wilmington Memorial Day parade.

This was our first time with the Wilmington parade.  Last year we went back to Connecticut for Memorial Day.

Parade line

The Academy of Traditional Karate parade line

I solo-parented (Megh was working at the LEGO store) and stationed myself near the end of the route.  I waited for the kids to pass, then waited for them to finish so I could pick them up.  It was a long parade: somehow we wound up with the Boston Shriners (and their silly go-carts) in addition to our local Masonic chapter, so the parade took a half hour to arrive and three quarters of an hour after that to finish passing by.

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