First Driving Lesson

Hello all!!!

Sorry for the long absence, I forgot my password. 🙂

Anyways, I had my first driving lesson today. I backed up Mom’s car, it was a little jerky but I didn’t end up in the back yard! I didn’t even dent the car, I call that a huge win!

In short, I kicked ***. Booyha!!!!!!!

So, my life in my long absence.

I am trying to write, I promise! I’ll add to Stories by Alpha soon, don’t worry ya’ll.

I’m now 14, (It’s been, like 2 years, last time I logged in was tail end of 6th grade) and I’ve grown. Been to DC without my parents, admitted a crush, never get said crush’s number even though I gave him both my cell and house numbers. (I’m not bitter, not one little bit)

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