Canobie Lake

One of Beta’s friends invited us to join her (and her parents Nick and Valerie) at Canobie Lake Park over Labor Day weekend.  It’s a bit like Six Flags or Walt Disney Land, but smaller.  (WDL != WDW).

The rides are good, the lines were relatively short (not like the last time we went to WDW where the fast pass system was a must), and it’s only a 20 minutes away.  What a deal.

I got Alpha to ride with me on the “Corkscrew Coaster“, which flips you upside-down; she got me to ride on “Wipe Out” which left me dizzy (it spins — fast).  She rode it a couple of times by herself, too.

Megh rode on the Boston Tea Party a couple of times, once with each child, and was soaked.  Making her do that was my revenge for making me sit in front of the log flume.  The splash when the “boat” hits the water goes up and out probably fifty feet.

There was a carousel ride, some kids-only rides, lunch, and water slides in there too.  We did probably a third of the park by nightfall.  We ended the day out with the ferris wheel and a sky ride, and left as the dark was falling with some rain to boot.